Best Low Carb Beers In Ontario

Best Low Carb Beers In Ontario

When we think about counting our carbs, we often try to cut down on breads, pastas and certain carb-dense foods.  We put a lot of thought into what we eat but do we consider what we drink? With the nice weather here and summer just around the corner,  many of us look forward to kicking back with some good company and some good beer. Some of us may even be looking forward to showing off our summer bodies while enjoying our cold beer with friends on the patio, the bar or if you’re lucky enough, at the lake. If you’ve worked hard for that summer bod, you may want to consider keeping it intact this season by switching to low carb beer.  Yes, you may not want to know that one bottle of beer is like eating 7 slices of bread! Yikes!  

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a pretty good list of the best low carb (commonly called keto beer) options available.  We have enjoyed doing our research so that we can bring you the best low carb beer options.  While we don’t expect you to pull out this list while at the beer store or when you’re reading a menu, here’s a helpful tip to keep in mind. As a general rule, the darker the beer, the higher the carb count tends to be.  So, if you want low carb beer, you’re generally looking for a blonde type…beer, that is. 

Low calorie lagers – 12 ounces (354 ml)

Molson Ultra delivery

Molson Ultra

70 calories


3% ABV

Moosehead Cracked Canoe delivery


Cracked Canoe

90 calories


3.5% ABV

Sleeman Light delivery

Sleeman Light

90 calories


4% ABV

Busch Light delivery

Busch Light

91 calories


4.1% ABV

Amstel Light Delivery

Amstel Light

95 calories


4% ABV

Miller Lite delivery

Miller Light

96 calories


4.2% ABV

So, now that you know everything you need to know to keep your carb count low without compromising on taste or quantity, we join in wishing you a wonderful beer drinking season with friends and family and anyone with whom you choose to keep company.  Remember to drink responsibly and stay safe.  Cheers!


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